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ARCY Acres offers a wide variety of Christmas tree species, from long needle White Pines to short needle spruce and fir varieties. For the 2016 Christmas season, we will have a limited number of certain species over eight to ten feet in the 'Choose & Cut' category, as increased customer volume in the past 4 years has diminished our quantities in this size category in certain species.

Our 2016 offerings will include:

Southeastern White Pines - Good Selections up to 12 Ft.

Southwestern White Pine - A few trees up to 12 Ft.

Norway Spruce -  Good selection up to 14 Ft.  (As a cut tree we recommend Norways not be cut until  (Dec 10th this year), or after the first cold snap.) We carry a product called "Forest Fresh" which we have test proven at 3 TCTGA farms to add an additional week or two extra life to Norway Spruces beyond the normal life, when used as Christmas Trees in the home.  (Pkg. price - $2.99 - enough for the season)

White Spruce -  Very few

Colorado Blue Spruce - Very, very few 

Canaan Fir - limited quantities up to 8 feet (most smaller)

Carolina Sapphire - None available this year.

Leyland Cypress - None available this year.

Serbian Spruce -  Extremely Limited selection (only 1 left) up to 7 feet. All others lost this year during the drought.

Pre-Cut Trees 

(Stored & Displayed In Water) (THE FRESHEST IN THE COUNTY ! )



SPECIAL NOTE:  Many of thre 'Special Vaqrieties' our farm has been noted to carry for the past number of years are not available this year due to the following. The farm in northeast TN which we utilize for these special varieties was hoit by the drought conditons similar to those experienced here this summer. When they went to cut our special varieties on Wed, Nov 16, the trees were not of the high quality we are noted for and they would not cut them for us.  If we cannot offer the highest quality rtees, we just won't substitute a lower quality tree.

The Fraser Firs we received on Saturday, Nov 19th are grown on a different farm much higher in the mountain country which received a fair amout of rainfall, and they are of the same high queslity we normally receive. We have an excel;lent selection of these trees currently stored in water in our custom 'Swimming Pool'.


In an effort to bolster availability for our customers, we have purchased a large quantity of Tennessee grown Fraser Fir (cannot grow them here), larger Canaan Fir, and Concolor Fir from fellow growers in our Tennessee Christmas Tree Growers Association. As we have done for the last eight years, we only bring in top quality (#1 Premium) trees from northeast Tennessee, and our complete sellout each year tells us that our customers are happy with the sizes, quality and variety that we are offering. The 'Pre-cut trees' we offer are cut on a Monday or Tuesday, baled on Wednesday and delivered to our farm on Thursday the week prior to Thanksgiving. Once unloaded, inspected, and graded, a fresh cut is given to each tree and then it is placed in our unique "Tree Swimming Pool", a major addition to our farm in 2006. The trees are stored in 4-6 inches of water until they are displayed on our tree rack for your selection. Each tree is then displayed in its own water basin to ensure freshness until sale. The tree is then prepped for your trip home, with another fresh cut, mechanical shaking of the previous years dead needles, custom drilled (if you have one of our 'Pin Stands'), and baled for your convenience on the trip from the farm and into your home.


Our 2016 offerings will feature


Canaan Fir - NONE AVAILABLE (Drought at growing farm - trees were not of our quality)

           9-10 Ft. -

           8-9 Ft.  - 

           7-8 Ft.  - 

           6-7 Ft.  -  


Concolor Fir - NONE AVAILABLE (Drought at growing farm - trees were not of our quality)

           9-10 Ft. - 

           8-9 Ft.  - 

           7-8 Ft.  - 

           6-7 Ft.  -  

           5-6 Ft. -  


 Fraser Fir - Beautiful selection of the 'most fragrant of all Christmas Trees' - Available in 4 to 13 foot sizes.

         Trees remaining:

 12 Ft + -   
          11 Ft + -   
          10-11 Ft - 
          9 - 10 Ft - 
          8 - 9 Ft -   
          7 - 8 Ft -   
          6 - 7 Ft -  
          5 - 6 Ft -  

 Grand Fir - NONE AVAILABLE (Drought at growing farm - trees were not of our quality)


          5 - 6 Ft.  - 

          6 - 7 Ft.  - 

 Korean Fir - NONE AVAILABLE (Drought at growing farm - trees were not of our quality)

         7 - 8 Ft.  -

 Blue Spruce -  
(Drought at growing farm - trees were not of our quality)







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