At ARCY Acres we believe that great service is the cornerstone of a successful operation. That belief has become the driving factor behind the methods used at the farm to ensure that your visit is the most pleasurable possible. We, and our staff, attempt to ensure that each customer is treated just as we would wish to be treated, if we were the customer. This subject is a key point during our farm worker training held each season. This page is intended to portray the services employed for each of our operational areas and during special events.



  • Bow saws are provided for your use in cutting your tree from our current 'Choose & Cut' selections. If you prefer, one of our elves will happily cut your tree for you. (No customer chain saws are allowed to be used on the farm - Insurance requirements.)
  • Hauling your tree to the prep area. We will gladly transport your tree from the field in one of our 'tree trailers' to our covered pavilion & tree preparation area, where your tree is prepared for the trip home.
  • If you are selecting one of our Pre-Cut tree varieties, be sure to take a look at our tree swimming pool, where your tree is stored in water from 2 days after cutting until it is displayed on our tree display rack, where again, each tree is placed in its own water bowl (filled daily) to ensure optimal freshness.
  • In our tree prep area, your tree will dance on our mechanical tree shaker (the kids love to watch), as we remove all the prior year dead needles, resident bird nests, and other debris from your tree.
  • Does your stand require a predrilled hole. If so, our custom tapered tree drilling machine will ensure that your tree is drilled accurately so that even a tree with less than a perfectly straight trunk will stand perfectly straight at home. Our custom tapered pin stands (3 sizes available on porch of our Gift Shop) allow you to place the tree over the pin, give it a small twisting rotation (1/4 turn or less), and you're done. With a straight standing tree on this stand there are no problems with adjustment screws, or sighting your tree for straightness, just place on the pin stand and prepare to decorate.
  • The tree then moves to our baling table where a fresh cut is placed horizontally across the trunk, and lower limbs are removed depending on your desires and stand requirements. The tree is then hauled through one of our two tree balers to wrap the branches in a red & white 'candy-cane' netting for ease of transport and getting through home doorways. The netting ensures that the branches will not become damaged during the trip home, and can be easily removed with scissors.


  • The tree is then matched against your half of the previously placed tree tag to ensure that you get the proper tree following your checkout in our Christmas Gift Shop, and our elves assist you in the loading of your tree onto your vehicle/trailer. Nylon twine is available for your convenience in securing your cut tree to your vehicle, if required.


  • Restroom facilities are provided (outdoor - portable).
  • Gift Shop is wheelchair accessible.
  • A Christmas Gift Shop is located in the Checkout building next to the 'tree prep' area. Treat yourself to a complimentary hot drink (Coffee, Hot chocolate, or Cider) at our refreshment bar, while you check out the varied Christmas Tree ornaments, collectible Santas, and other Christmas gift selections, including Disney DVDs and Model Railroad selections. While there, watch our 'Christmas Express', ("O" Scale Christmas train which runs around the checkout area).
  • A covered area is provided for your protection during inclement weather, while selecting one of our custom handmade fresh wreaths, swags, or other live decorations. Our bows are also handmade on-site, by Art. Orders are also taken for customized live greenery centerpieces made to fit your Christmas decor; these are made just prior to Christmas to ensure their optimal freshness for your holiday table. Not sure what you need, - check our small display book for some decorating ideas.
  • Small pull-handle wagons available to pull small children.
  • During our off-season (if there ever is one), our covered pavilion is used to host numerous educational classes, group outings, and meetings of various State organizations visiting our farm.

Group Tours:

  • No longer offerred.




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