The pictures below were taken during the last 2 years the Nursery was open. 

ARCY Acres opened its Nursery & Garden Center in April 2008. The major focus of Garden Center operations is to support the family "do-it-yourselfer" who has chosen to improve their home landscape by choosing and planting their own trees, shrubbery, and other landscape essentials. While our main focus is on the family homeowner, we do occasionally support the small landscaper who has difficulty obtaining a certain variety of specimen tree/plant, or chooses only to plant locally grown herbicious material. We do NOT offer wholesale sales or pricing. Large retail purchases may however, qualify for special discount pricing, and we periodically offer advertised and unadvertised specials at the farm.

ARCY Acres offers a wide variety of trees, shrubbery, Jackson & Perkins (J&P) roses, perennials, ornamental grasses, annuals, hanging baskets, vegetable plants, berries/vines, etc.   and an even wider selection of specimens within each category. Our trees are offered in a mix of Ball & Burlap (B&B) (20" dia. ball), hard container (3-15 Gal sizes), and Bag Culture containers (10 & 15 Gal sizes), depending upon tree type, size, and best horticultural growing environment.

A sample of our inventory is shown below. Our available plant material is not limited to the varieties shown, but the list is meant to give the prospective purchaser an idea of the types and varieties of material planted, cultivated and grown here. The vast majority of material is grown on-site either from seed, plugs, cuttings, divisions, seedlings or transplants in our two greenhouses or in our 22 acre field plantings. The exception to this is our ornamental deciduous and fruit tree varieties, berries and some deciduous shrubbery. These varieties are Middle Tennessee grown by a family owned and operated grower with whom we have developed a close relationship over the years. The trust we have in their products is evidenced by our planting of many of their varieties in our own home orchard and other deciduous plantings.


  • EVERGREEN: White Pine, SW White Pine, Colorado Blue Spruce (very limited supply), White Spruce, Norway Spruce, Serbian Spruce, Canaan Fir, Arizona Cypress (Blue Ice & Carolina Sapphire var.), Leyland Cypress (Leighton Green & Murray var.), and Canadian Hemlock. Other varieties currently being grown (not yet available) include: Meyer Spruce, Turkish Fir, Nordmann Fir, Concolor Fir, Algerian Fir, Momi Fir, Douglas Fir, and others.
    • Ornamental:   Bradford Pear, Cleveland Pear, Crabapple, Maple (Red, Autumn Flame, October Glory (NEW), & Sugar), Dogwood, Weeping Willow, Eastern Redbud (Std. & Weeping var.), Flowering Peach, Weeping Flowering Peach, Flowering Plum, Flowering Patio Peach, Clump River Birch and others.
    • Fruit: Apple (numerous var.), Peach (several var.), Plum, Pear (several var.), Cherry (Sour & Sweet var.), Fig, Persimmon, Nectarine, (NEW) Apricot, Plum, etc. (Our fruit trees are semi-dwarf, with many being self pollinating varieties - very few exceptions.)



  • EVERGREEN: Holly (Bufordi, Needlepoint, Claressa, Soft Touch), Arborvitae (Rheingold, Pyramidal), Cypress (Red Star False, Gold Thread), Juniper (Andorra, Angelica Blue, Skyrocket, Blue Rug), Thuja (Gold Thread, green Giant, Green Pyramid), etc.
  • DECIDUOUS (& Broadleaf Evergreen): Azalea, Rhododendron, Barberry, Burning Bush, Firethorn, Forsythia, Honeysuckle, Hydrangea, Lilac (several var.), Loropetalum, Nandina (Domestic & Firewpower (Dwf)), Pink Flowering Almond, Pussy Willow, Red Flowering Quince, Rose of Sharon, Redtwig Dogwood, Spirea (several var.), Privet, Weigella, Wisteria, etc.



          Yoshino Cherry            Yellow Magnolia - 'Elizabeth'       'Elizabeth' Blossom            Weeping Flowering Peach

Many folks ask us what the difference is between a Bradford Pear and a Cleveland Pear. The answer is simply: the Bradford is susceptible to limb breakage in strong winds when it gets older, has a slightly shorter flower holding period with leaves emerging before flowers are spent, while the Cleveland has a whiter flower, longer bloom hold before leaf emergence, stronger limbs and a more tapered appearance. See the samples below: the Bradford has been in place for about 10 years, while the Cleveland has been in place for approximately 5 years (much younger tree - not yet fully developed).
We hope this info and the pictures (taken on the same day) help with your decision.

Difference between a Bradford Pear & a Cleveland Pear


Bradford Pear                      Cleveland Pea

PERENNIALS:  Our list of perennials is a long one, including selections of Hostas, Daylillies, Siberian Iris, Groundcovers, Heuchera, Astilbe, Coneflowers, Ornamental Grasses, Coreopsis, Gallardia, and others.

ANNUALS: We offer a wide variety of bedding plants for early and mid-season plantings, as well as some special varieties for your fall landscape needs. In the spring of the year, a varied selection of annuals in cell packs, individual 4" pots, planters and hanging baskets are available, with colors and varieties dictated by prior year customer desire and demand. The year's selections included varieties of geraniums (including Martha Washington), petunias, ferns, Bougainvillea, Calibrachoa (Million Bells), Impatiens, Lobelia, Begonia, among other popular varieties.

BERRIES/GRAPES: Several varieties of Tennessee grown grapes (red, blue, white & Bronze Muscadine), blueberries, and thornless blackberries are now available. The big hit of the 2008 season was the introduction of a dwarf patio blueberry named 'Tophat' which we have been growing for several years. We have additional plants available now in limited quantities, for fall planting. (Best looking Blueberries ever!)

VEGETABLE PLANTS: A wide selection (in season) of vegetable plants were available in 2008, and will again be offered in 2009. Early season cool-weather crops. We have expanded our varieties of tomatoes and peppers due to customer demands. Other varieties include: squash, cucumber, eggplant, okra, watermellon, cantaloupe, etc. We also have some herbs available (due to customer requests), and will stagger growth of our most popular vegetable varieties to ensure a larger availability during the staggered planting season found on the Plateau. Depending on variety, our vegetables are offered in cell packs of 4 or 6 (now available), and when ready - 4" pots, and gallon pots for the larger varieties such as large bearing tomatoes, etc. (NEW THIS SEASON) - Potted Asparagus (2 yr) & Rhubarb (1 yr) plants - Now Available)(Ready-to-Plant)

ORNAMENTAL GRASSES:  Limited selection for fall planting.

The nursery also offers a varied selection of potting mixes, soil amendments, peat moss, Cypress & Pine Bark mulch and nuggets (bagged only), as well as a full line of some of the best rose & plant fertilizers, fungicides, and insecticides to supplement your care of your favorite plants. 

ACCESSORIES: A selection of garden accessories, planters, hangers, wind chimes, garden markers, pet headstones and nursery gloves round out the current offerings at ARCY Acres.

Be sure to stop by and say hello when you are in the area. If you are looking for a special tree, shrub, plant or a special color or variety, feel free to give us a call or E-Mail us. If we are out in the field, be sure to leave a message under the ARCY Acres option of our answering service, and remember to leave your name and phone number so that we can get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing you and adding you to our growing list of satisfied return customers.






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