ARCY Acres offers a wide selection of handmade wreaths, swags, centerpieces, etc. for your home or office decorating ideas at Christmas. A varied offering can normally be seen under our covered pavilion in the tree preparation area next to the Gift Shop. Each wreath comes fully decorated with colored waterproof bows, pine cones, and other decorations, depending on variety.  Need a custom designed centerpiece for your Christmas table? See a variety of our custom crafted ideas, or just give us your desires and color scheme, and we'll design one for you. Wreaths are made from either a choice of varied northwestern evergreens (Silver Fir, Noble Fir, Blueberry Juniper, Incense Cedar, etc.), or Fraser Fir. We often utilize some of our own grown pine and Arizona Cypress for accents where a custom look is desired. Need a unique gift for a far away family member or special friend, - wreaths & swags are not only offered at the farm, but can be ordered and shipped anywhere in the continental United States.

PLEASE NOTE:  Our wreaths are all handmade and therefore will vary slightly in overall finished dimension diameter, due to variation in tip lengths used to assemble the wreaths.

BOW COLORS AVAILABLE:  Red, Christmas Red, Burgundy, Ivory, Country Blue, Mauve, & White. (Specialty Bows also available!)

For the 2016 season, our offerings will include (some greenery is limited in quantity):


Our Fraser Fir wreaths are made from select tips of fraser fir grown in either northeastern Tennessee (at one of our TCTGA member farms), or in northwestern North Carolina (the natural home of the Fraser Fir). They are select tips offering a very full, extremely fragrant, dark green foliage wreath for your decorating pleasure. They are offered in two basic sizes (12 and 16 inch ring sizes), resulting in a large 20 to 30 inch overall size, and are decorated with a wide selection of colored waterproof 10 loop bows and a selection of cones.


The Pacific Mixed wreath has been our most popular wreath for ten consecutive years (long before farm operation in TN), as we have made wreaths since 1996 in Ohio. The wreath is so named from its composition of silver fir, noble fir, incense cedar, and blueberried juniper, all grown in the Pacific Northwest states of Oregon and Washington. This long lasting, highly decorated wreath is not only colorful, but displays a beautiful composition of highly complimentary greenery. When displayed with one of our custom hand made waterproof bows (available in a wide variety of colors), and a complimentary set of natural Ponderosa pine cones, it makes a dramatic statement on any door or wall. Offerred in a 14 inch ring size, the finished wreath normally falls within a 26 to 30 inch overall diameter, just perfect for any front door, or wall display. Our pacific greenery is hsipped in refrigerated trucks and normally arrives in the second week of November.


ARCY Acres offers a wide selection of swags in both vertical and horizontal orientations. The verticals are normally placed on smaller doors, porch posts/columns, or any surface not suitable for a full sized circular wreath. The horizontal varieties are often utilized as table or mantle centerpieces for enjoyment through the holiday season. The swags are made with a selection of northwestern greenery, often enhanced with some locally grown accents, and are decorated with a narrower 10-loop bow and spruce cones. Finished sizes vary from 16 inches long to 30 inches long for the vertical swags, to custom sizes of 14 inches to over 30 inches in length for horizontal varieties, size recommendations dependent on ultimate usage. A different look for the Christmas season, with a wide variety of potential uses. 


Give us a description of your color scheme, intended use, and decorative theme, and we will make a truly custom centerpiece for your use. If you desire a long lasting decorative addition to your holiday decor, ARCY Acres is the place to come. We offer a varied sleection of custom designed themes, including some with wicker baskets, candelabras, hurricane lamps, sleighs, and a host of other creations. Give us your preferences, and let us do the rest. Below is a sample of our creations on the last several seasons.







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