Established in 1997, ARCY Acres  is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for its owners, Art  & Cyndi Landrigan. Their love of the Christmas season, coupled with Art’s love of  ’growing things’ and Cyndi’s various Craft skills were instrumental in their decision to plan their retirement days around the season they loved so well, - thus was born the idea which became the ’ARCY Acres’ dream. The dream became a reality in the  fall of 1996, when Art & Cyndi purchased a 74+ acre tract of pasture and wooded property on the Cumberland Plateau in Crossville, Tennessee.  The rest is history, as a long and tedious process began. For 6 1/2 years, they travelled from their former home in Dayton, OH to the farm every other weekend and three week-long vacations per year, to plant and build the farm, which at that time was raw cow pasture and 52 acres of woodland. Following his retirement in 2001, Art moved to TN while Cyndi maintained their home in Dayton taking care of Art's elderly Mom, with Art visiting every 3rd weekend. In late 2002, Cyndi moved to Crossville MrMrsClausalso, and they began the enormous project of building a home, and large outbuilding which houses the Hobby Shop (Gift Shop during Christmas), and maintenance facility. Over the years, numerous additions and improvements have been added with a covered pavilion in 2006, swimming pool for pre-cut Christmas trees in 2006, two greenhouses in late 2007, and a potting shed/headhouse and checkout area in early 2008. These later efforts were designed to support the new Nursery & Garden Center operation which began operations in April 2008. Art & Cyndi manage and care for the entire farm themselves with occasional support form several local area high school students, especially during special events, and the Christmas Tree season. 'Mr & Mrs Claus' have their own family of 'elves' which assist during peak seasons and busy times. SANTA and Mrs Claus cheerfully visited the farm on the second Saturday of December for a number of years, but retired with the 2015 season due to medical limitations.


Folks often ask Art & Cyndi why they say they retired, with a full size farm, several on-line businesses, and now a Nursery to care for. Art's answer is: "It's totally dependent upon what your definition of Retirement is. " His is: " the ability to do what you want to do, when you wnat to do it, because you WANT to do it, NOT because you HAVE to do it." Cyndi has a slightly different version: she says: "Well you go out today and you get 'tired', and then tomorrow and the next day, you go back out and get "retired"."  They both admit that they are each other's BEST FRIENDS, and that without each other none of this would have happened.


Art & Cyndi have been affiliated with many National, State, and local organizations in their efforts to support the Christmas Tree industry, local business efforts, various community events, and to stay abreast of ever-changing business and agricultural environments. We have been members of the Crossville Chamber of Commerce, President and Vice-President (Art) and Secretary/Treasurer (Cyndi) of the Tennessee Christmas Tree Growers Association (TCTGA) for 10 years, active members in the TN Agritourism Association, National Christmas Tree Association for many years, and the Crossville Model Railroad Club. 


The 2016 season marks our 15th year of Retail ‘Choose and Cut’ Tree Sales,. While you visit the farm, be sure to visit our gift shop: 'ARCY’s Attic' DVD & HOBBY, where numerous XMAS ornaments, collectible Santas, Tree Accessories, Scrapbooking items, DVDs Remote Control gifts, and Model Railroad items abound.


In years past the ARCY Acres Nursery and Garden Center offered a full line of live trees, both deciduous (fruit and ornamental) and evergreen, available both in containers and B&B, annuals, baskets and vegetable plants (in season), as well as a large selection of various perennial flowers, ornamental grasses, and hostas. Due to the sale of Jackson & Perkins, and the new company's significantly increased grower minimums, ARCY Acres will no longer be offering Plateau grown roses.  THE NURSERY CLOSED AS OF 2010, and we no longer dig B&B Christmas trees.

ARCY Acres is a family retail operation that caters to the “FAMILY” market. Come by and see us when you have a chance, even if it's just to say hello. Feel free to call or E-Mail us with any questions you may have, or to place an order. .


So stop by to say HELLO, and visit the unique experience found at ARCY Acres, and as Art & Cyndi say so often:


Visit the farm


 "Where Christmas Tree Selection Becomes A Family Memory!"




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